Winning Searches for my Blog

Of the (maybe) 5 people that find my blog per day, this is what they search for:

Congratulations to My Top Five Winners:

  1. i hate mayor of casterbridge ramen
  2. cow erousing hotness
  3. Pamela Anderson
  4. wriggle anal plug
  5. rape of britannia

The Unexpected Searches:

  • raped in carpark
  • lesbian licking
  • fetal alcohol pregnant pause scotland
  • hostel sex shower naked london map
  • zimbabi school sexe grlz
  • peeing squatting closed pub town
  • homeless sidewalk night prostitute
  • море ночью
  • rape in front of the car driver
  • shadow in corner of my room
  • cloudy britannia a boat me
  • ewan mcgregor nude with sheep
  • abandoned wall

People Who Are Not Satisfied:

  • i need something to satisfy me that isnt food
  • medieva young prince by the river side
  • satisfy me with food
  • no man can satisfy everyonefood doesn’t satisfy me
  • only food satisfied me
  • new song no man can satisfy me
  • how to satisfy food fantasy
  • lyrics – there is no man that can satisfy me
  • no man will ever satisfy me like food does
  • “no one can satisfy me
  • no girl can satisfy me
  • no man can satisfy me the way food does
  • a man can not satisfy me
  • no man can satisfy me
  • how to satisfy food fantasy

Expected Searches:

  • night sky over Europe
  • green dreamy land
  • bronte village yorkshire
  • night sky over europe
  • pride of calais night
  • the car down hill
  • jude the obscure slide show
  • ship in sea at night
  • bronte village
  • brussels street prostitutes
  • house for sale bronte road and britannia
  • brussels poor people
  • lakes on a map in belgium
  • blog and cannot get enough britannia
  • britania+road trip
  • dorchester prison
  • blog britannia no man
  • there was nobody. her words faded. so a rocket fades.
  • ship in the sea at night
  • village entrance national forest sign
  • funny warning car hang up sign
  • dim mountain younder
  • analysis of i see around me tombstones grey by emily bronte
  • britannia toast
  • street morning brussels
  • tourist pic
  • carpark slut
  • man sitting at an irish country pub
  • perhaps thios the destined hour when hell shall lose its fatal
  • photos of dreamy mountains
  • irish coffee blog
  • jude the obscure, pub
  • dead silence mansion pictures
  • girl crying alone in sad sunset images
  • haworth bronte sunset
  • map up /belgium
  • belgium tellin map
  • gross exaggeration
  • i need something to satisfy me that isnt food
  • map of castles in belgium
  • buildings in london
  • road trip map beer tasting belgium
  • i don’t know how she does it movie crying
  • trinity car park jokes
  • dark sky
  • bronte wall plaques
  • bent en belgique maps
  • hall way n foreign
  • villette charlotte bronte
  • grandfather clock in the brazen head pub dublin
  • euro trash party in brussels hookers
  • haworth tombstones brontë
  • real irish coffee glasses with pouring lines
  • emily bronte poems
  • emily bronte home on flicker
  • “tess and angel”
  • brussels hookers
  • little mansion   floor
  • brussels prostitute
  • blog britannia wordpress

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